website packages
that save you time and help you grow

Our website packages get calls booked for your service based business. Launch with everything you need to thrive online and have peace of mind that your site is fast + safe after launch. Sound good?

starting out online is not easy...

what about if you can have...

Basically, if your business is not web design, then why are you spending so much time trying to figure it all out?

We've helped numerous freelancers, solopreneurs and small business owners turn their websites and online systems into their biggest strength. Your website will enable your leads or customers to book calls with you, send reminders, sell digital products, automate email sequences and much more. It's an engine that can power your journey from 'Chaotic Freelancer' to 'Super Organised Entrepreneur'. 

what we do

Simply put, we remove the headache. Partner with us to get all of this included with our website package and care plan combo.

we build.

design & development

Custom responsive WordPress website design & development for tablets, phones & desktops using premium tools

website copywriting

That's all the text, headings & call to actions. We'll write it all based on your brand's voice. Lovely.

calls & bookings

We integrate appointment or call booking systems so you can close leads or book customers for your services.

email marketing setup

We setup your email marketing & automations so that new leads are automatically added to email sequences. Very pro.

custom templates

We build bespoke templates so you can easily add new blogs, testimonials, projects, FAQ, etc.

privacy compliance

We'll sort out the privacy policy, cookie pop-ups and the techie security stuff, so you don't have to. No sweat.

'my-links' page

Like your very own LinkTree page but owned, updated & controlled by you - as it should be.

seo optimised

We'll set up & optimise all the stuff that is needed for search engines like Google to rank you higher.

we maintain.

blazing fast hosting

Sloooww websites make visitors leave. Our hosting & content delivery combo will deliver your site globally. Superfast.

managed updates

We handle all WordPress Core & security updates, all plugin updates, and we'll fix any update issues. You relax.

daily backups

Multiple daily backups, like clockwork. If anything goes wrong, we have spares. We've got your back.

gdpr updates

If the powers that be change any regulations, we'll make any changes needed. One less thing to worry about.

ssl renewals

Your site will stay secure as we install and renew its security certificates. Safety first.

scale as you grow

Our systems are designed to scale with your traffic so no need to worry about that Black Friday rush.

we monitor.

24/7 monitoring

We run processes 24/7 to check the health of your website and to see where we could make improvements.

pre-emptive security

Intelligent IP blocking & limited login attempts stops hackers before they even try. Mr. Robot would struggle.

fixes within 24 hours

We’ll fix your site for free within 24 hours if anything ever does go wrong. You won't be left hanging.

free malware removal

On the odd chance something happens, we'll get rid of any nasty bits and get everything back live again, sharp.

our packages

We deliver full website packages that take care of everything you need to thrive online. Combined with our ongoing website care plans, you can focus on building your business, and leave the techie website stuff to us.


custom website build

from £975

monthly care plan


already have a website?

We offer our Website Care Plans as standalone packages.

free site migration

We'll migrate your WordPress site from your host to ours and check it all works

free site optimisation

We'll audit your site, speed it up and optimise it for SEO, for FREE!

* Free migration and site optimization only when sign up annually for a Website Care Plan.

Take the guesswork away of what your next steps are online

Click the button below to jump on a free call with us. We're a friendly bunch. We'll address all your questions about doing business online! No sales call tactics here either because we hate that as well. Just honest, straight up free advice that you can use, for free!

don't just take it from us...

Our clients say some really great things about us after their website + online presence jumped to the next level!

Achillea K
Achillea KLife Coach
Read More
Concentrating on building my business means I don’t have time to figure out how to develop a website. I’d recommend working with Overwrite Agency to anyone looking to build, manage and maintain a website, so you can focus on building your business.
John S
John SProduct Manager
Read More
For our startup, we needed a website quickly to be visible to investors. Overwrite Agency delivered the site, optimised it for SEO, setup our blog templates and even setup tutorial sessions with our team at launch.
Matt M
Matt MSnack Company Founder
Read More
The first time I spoke to Johnny & Thalia it was so clear they knew what they were doing. If anyone needs a website I refer Overwrite Agency now. They deliver what they promise, quickly, and that’s what I need for my growing business.

frequently asked questions

It depends on what kind of things you want your website to do, but on average it takes us between 4-8 weeks after you onboard with us.
The short answer is: it depends.Our most basic website package starts at £975.The price increases based on the features you want. You might want an appointment booking system (which we’re known for!), email marketing setup, custom automations, or product sales pages (aka funnel setup).
  1. First click here to book a quick chat with us. We’re a friendly bunch 🙂
  2. If we like each other enough to work together, we send you the invoice to pay online.
  3. Then, we request some details about you and your design preferences for your new website.
  4. We get straight to work. Boom. Done!
It’s 50% of your investment up front before starting and the final 50% just before we make your site live.You’ll get 10% discount if you pay the full amount up front.
Of course. Responsive mobile friendly design is a must nowadays. Over 50% of web traffic is mobile so we focus on making your site look great on all device shapes and sizes!
When your site goes live, we connect your domain to our superfast hosting and we add you to our Website Care Plan. Usually we refuse to build standalone websites that we don’t host and manage for you for the first year. So far all of our clients have stuck with our Care Plan because it saves them time, hassle and stress!Basically, it just makes sense to keep it all in one place. After all, we know your website the best!Websites are like cars. They need regular maintenance to keep them safe and running smooth. Stuff like regular updates, 24/7 security, monitoring downtime, figuring out technical issues… we handle it. If anything breaks, we’ll fix it, quick.Not only that, if we notice opportunities to optimize your site further, we’ll get that done also. Both Google and you will love it. We’ll even send you a report of how your website is doing every month too. Does that sound good? Let’s chat.
Yes, but not much. We use a set of premium paid plugins to build our websites which have annual licenses. If you are on our Website Care Plan, we handle the license fees. We keep prices as low as we can on the care plans by buying bulk agency licenses and passing the savings on to you.If you want to leave us (no one ever has, btw), you’ll be responsible for maintaining your site. This includes paying the license fees for the paid plugins. Depending on your site’s features, this could be between £40 – £240 per year. You must keep your plugins up to date to keep your site secure. If you don’t want to pay for these updates we highly recommend deleting the plugins and removing the features from your site for security reasons.Or, just stay with us and never worry about it 🙂
It starts at £35 per month and increases based on your website’s requirements. We scale with you and so does our infrastructure. If your website’s traffic grows, that means your business is growing which is awesome! We’ll probably have to bump our servers up to cope with your popularity, so we’ll let you know when you need to upgrade.
Nope, that’s included too! We usually write all the text, headings, etc. (aka copy) for our clients’ sites and they review it before we launch. Obviously you know your business best so we ask a few questions and then do our best at getting your brand’s voice & messaging just right for your website. Also, we build our sites in a way that enables you to simply make changes to the copy whenever you want.
We exclusively use WordPress to build all of our sites. We’ve tried almost everything else and settled on WordPress. Trust us, it’s the best choice. Or you can trust companies like Disney, Spotify, eBay, Sony, New York Times, Forbes, Vogue, Toyota and millions more that use WordPress. It powers over 40% of the world’s websites (which is pretty insane) and it’s open source for the best balance of usability and flexibility. It’s truly the best foundation for your online presence and that’s why it is perfect for us as an agency, as developers, and for our clients too.In contrast to Squarespace or Wix, your whole website – the content and the design – is always owned by you. If you wanted to, you could easily migrate your website to any host or server in the world at any time and have access to the largest set of developers to help you out.
You can of course use these platforms but there are sacrifices in doing so. For the most basic websites, Squarespace and Wix can be great. But, remember that they own the templates and the designs, not you. If the companies ceased to exist or you wanted to move your site to another platform, you’d be able to retrieve your content but you’d have to rebuild the design somewhere else from scratch. They do this so it’s really hard for you to leave! Why take the risk? We don’t think you should. Choose WordPress instead and choose Overwrite to give you a WordPress site that skyrockets your online presence.We exclusively use WordPress and we strongly urge you to choose WordPress too. Even if you don’t choose us as your web agency. We know we build great websites on the best, most trusted, most used, open website platform in the world. And we help our clients thrive online, not just stick a website up for the sake of it. That’s why our clients love us and stay with us. Wanna have a chat yet? 🙂
There is a learning curve but unlike other agencies or web developers we won’t leave you in the cold when we launch. We don’t leave WordPress in its default state either. We make some really useful changes to the back-end so managing your site becomes easy-peasy. And we’ll walk you through your whole site live on a Zoom call before launch.For all clients we also provide full instruction manuals on everything you’d want to do on your new website.If you can click buttons and type, you’re golden.AND, if you still need help, we’re only ever an email away to help you out.
Yes indeed! It’s worth having a chat so we can study the site and estimate the effort involved. Most sites would be straightforward, others not so much. E.g. WooCommerce sites can be a true pain in the backside to redesign while the existing site is live and making sales and that’s why we don’t do WooCommerce redesigns for less than £10k.
Most likely we can! Let’s have a chat so we can understand what you’re currently working with and what new requirements you might have. Often a conversion leads to a redesign as other changes are wanted along the way! We get it, it’s normal.
We are a UK registered company but we all work remotely. We are an ‘online only’ company by nature and work with clients all over the globe using tools like Zoom or Google Meet! On the odd chance we are in the same city, it would be great to have a chat over coffee (or a G&T). Otherwise, virtual coffee it is!
First place in Google search results is what everyone wants, obviously! But it’s not so easy or quick to achieve. Google says it takes a minimum of 3 months to start ranking for relevant search terms.SEO (search engine optimisation) is a huge undertaking and it’s not something we offer fully (yet!).But when your website is about to go live, we discuss SEO during our free launch call so you know exactly what to do next. We set everything up with Google Search too and we provide a premium SEO tool to help you improve that ranking over time.
Yes. You will need to have your domain to put your site live. We believe you should always own your website’s domain so we don’t buy it for you. If you don’t have one yet, we recommend Google Domains or Namecheap. Don’t worry about anything else, we’ll set everything up so it just works.

We've done the research and we know what works already. We only integrate industry-leading tools that we use ourselves.

who are we?

Hello, I'm Johnny!

The Techie

Hey! I'm Thalia!

The Designer

We were once at the start of our journey as freelancers just like you.

It was chaotic at the beginning and we didn't really know what we were doing either. Trust us, that is normal!

After almost 3 years, we now run a profitable and growing online business that gives us the freedom to live and work remotely.

When we started out, we wish we knew exactly how to set up a website that generated calls and got us more clients. Now we'd love to help you do the same and accelerate your success.

Get on a call with us and let's see if we're a right fit. And, hey, no hard feelings if we aren't.

One thing's for sure, you'll get a lot of value from our call anyway... we don't hold back on any tips or tricks! It's just how we roll and here's why...

When we give so much value on our calls, there's a good chance you might work with us. That be straight away or in the future. Or you might refer us to a friend.

And let's not forget to mention that we just love to chat and help out new business owners who want a better life and a better world.

Click the button below and let's schedule a chat 🙂

Take the guesswork away of what your next steps are online

Click the button below to jump on a free call with us. We're a friendly bunch. We'll address all your questions about doing business online! No sales call tactics here either because we hate that as well. Just honest, straight up free advice that you can use, for free!